Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hey there...I’m Leana (Lee-Nah) and I am the Girlfriend Experience you have never had...The kind that most Cam Girls are afraid to give you...

What if I told you I was not afraid in the least to let you into my world...completely?

I am no stranger to Niteflirt. I have done it all: Phone Sex as well as a short stint in what I like to call “Traditional Cam” where you dress up with lighting and a “set” at the same place day after day night after night and put on a “show”.

I did that for a while... until it started to feel a little too staged for me (pun intended). Especially when I met special guys like you that I wanted to see more of different settings.

I have always wanted more...and to give more via cam. I’ve always wanted a Virtual Boyfriend...someone to talk to and share myself with long term.

As you will find out as you get to know me...I like to be free to roam, literally. I gave up my condo in Atlanta back in May because looking at the same shit and doing the same things just isn't my style. I’m 27 with no little is the time for me to explore! So, I currently live everywhere and nowhere at the same time...And I want to you to join me.

What I am offering you is the once in a lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with a beautiful Ebony Queen, your new virtual girlfriend, as I live my daily life.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to never feel lonely have the undivided attention of a beautiful woman like myself... to feel cared have a real connection with someone like me…

Visualize being in my bed with me when I wake up in the morning…

Getting wet with me as I take my morning shower…

Lubing up as I smear lotion all over my sexy brown skinned body…

Sitting with me while I enjoy my morning coffee…

Sweating with me as I work out to keep my body perfect for you…

Pampering me while I get my nails and toes done…

Hanging out with me when I go out with my friends…(Recognize Princess Jada?;)

Wouldn't it be a dream come true to be right there to experience it all...LIVE with me as often as we arrange?

The best girlfriends don't do all the talking. They do lots and lots of listening. That is something I am eager to do...listen to your every word as our bond gets more and more intense with each passing day. Isn't that what being in a real relationship is about? Sharing special day to day moments will learning more and more about one another? Isn't that what you have been longing for? I know it's what's been in my dreams for far too long. I am ready to make it a reality.

I am a very silly outgoing fun loving girl from Louisiana so expect lots of laugher as we go about our days together. No need to take life too seriously with me. I am sure you get enough of that in your “regular” life. Come with me and leave all that behind.

Please do not think I am excusing kinky time. I cannot think many things I would refuse to do...for my boyfriend… Including taking a nice piss or...a little something extra ;)

I want to show you all of me...that includes my precious pussy, tits and ass. It also includes making you my little bitch if that's what you're into.

Maybe we can have a naked movie night….just you and me?=)

I know you are dying to start our new relationship but first- Remember:
This is a very non-traditional Cam Experience. I have no set with lightning. I will Skype from the App on my Phone. I will answer no matter where I am...and no matter what I am doing ( whatever).

I am looking for serious long term GFEs. I will give lots of energy and time to you. This means I will only take on a few at once so you better snag me quickly. Dont worry, I update my listing and let you know when I am temporarily not taking any more new boyfriends.

I am a switch. I can be the bossy girlfriend or the obedient one….it all depends on how we vibe.

Now that you know a what I have to offer. It's time for you to call we can mark today as our Anniversary...kisskiss Leana.