Phone Sex

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your blood.

I can feel it pulsing, rushing into your puny little cock.

Come, it is time to begin your training. Bow down at My feet . Is that a moan I hear escaping your lips??? Keep them sealed you filthy slut! I don’t want to hear a sound from you unless I command so.

Now focus on my feet. See how it hangs at the end of my crossed leg, toes wiggling??? Don't you wish you could have a taste??? The saliva in your mouth is thick, you struggle to swallow, and the sheen of sweat on your head tells Me a lot.

Smell your Goddess, breath in the scent as it rolls through your head, laps at the shore of your consciousness in waves of yearning.

Mmmmm, your face is going pale, the blood draining from your head to fuel the hardness of your manhood…..


And now, you shall pay as I squash your tiny cock beneath My sole!