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♡Lets take it from♡Dress up♡To slurp up♡

Seductive...... Greedy......Bitchy Ebony Goddess

Welcome my little pet, your search has finally come to completion! In my keen sense of awareness. I can only imagine how disappointing, cold and lonely your journey has been in search of a true royal black Goddess to surrender to and worship.

Men like you have always known your place, yet have never been able to completely feel or belong! You and I know that Bowing down on all fours, with your head resting near my 6 inch stilettos my little pet isn't the only place that makes you feel at home. We know that you being my personal foot pedestal doesn't quite feed your soul as well, and that what does is your burning desire to be OWNED while being denied! As this is the only way to painstakingly keep you in your placed (OWNED) but at the same time keeping you forever endowed to Me, Goddess Coral!

Like the sun that rises in the morning, YOU will worship me. I will become your new religion, and you will become my devotee my sweet little pet!

First things first! I am not a pro-domme and am a Goddess. I am not to be addressed as Miss/Misstress. You are to only address me as Goddess Coral. Secondly, it is YOUR purpose to always ensure that you are obedient to my plethora of request and demands. For I own you now!

You will never see pictures of me floating around this site. Therefore you can visit my goody bag for video clips and photos to worship. If you're a good paying dog, I will let you request custom videos. Enough has been said, pick up the phone and call me now! Listed below are the fetishes that I cater to!

Ebony Goddess worship-Findomme Fetish-Breast Fetish-Leg Fetish-Ass Fetish- Fellatio Fetish- Lipstick Fetish- Socks/Stocking Fetish- Soiled Panties Fetish- Moaning Fetish- Food/Fruit Fetish- Smoking Fetish- Hands/Feet Fetish- Underarm Fetish- JOI Fetish- SPH Fetish- Cuckold Fetish-Kissing Fetish-Voyeur Fetish-Spanking Fetish

Worshiping a Black Goddess; the act of one surrendering their entire existence to a celestial being that has graced the mortal world with her essence. Yet, to have only been labeled a Goddess - Goddess Coral-