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Chocolat Diamondz


Welcome to my vortex. I am a REAL Southern Bell in every sense of the word. It has taken me some time to discover the fetishist that lies within me. I have my many callers to thank for that. They helped me open up to a world I never knew existed.

I am ALWAYS ready to play OR I can be an extreme serious bitch. I am 5'1 with a big attitude, brown eyes that will pierce your soul, 36DDDs that will have your cock throbbing for more. My fat ass is here to suffocate your face for as long as I see fit.

I have recently learned that sexual expression most often times has little to do with the physical act of sex itself, but rather the erotic play than can take shape into many forms.

Below continue reading to learn more about the things I have come to enjoy! I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime ;)

I would say I am more sadistic narcissist in nature, however, if you dare and think you can make me fancy a go at becoming your masochistic whore...then hit me with your best shot. Satan's a dear friend of mine. I have no issue seeing which one of us can out mind-fuck the other.

I love my faggots. I mean, after all, I have been around them my whole life. Making you my bitch boi f*k toi is a pleasure I've yet to find the words to fully express. Come learn what I do to my submissive cum p*ssy boys.

Oooh the stories we could share from the good ole South. Race play is not just about the use of "N" word. It's about control. A mutual agreement that only a slave and her master share and understand.

I haven't gotten to be where I am and I don't know how to take one for the team. Bring that huge ass dick to me so I can blow you out of this world.

Nothing is more satisfying than watching that hot elixir release from your cock in my honour. I have multiple ways to make you reach that height of ecstasy.

F*K YOU! PAY ME! You owe me. I deserve it. I am the Mother Earth. Pay your dues to the Goddess who gave you life everlasting. Your pathetic soul would cease to exist without me. Pay Up Stupid Ass Pig!!! Worship Me. This is how you sustain your disgusting, repulsive, stomach-turning peasant ass lives.

Yes Fellas, Call me if you THINK you can handle me.

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