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Plain Eugenia

Wanna Be My Friend? Sex-Free Zone for Introverts.

Desperate and Unconventionally Attractive Girl Seeks ANYONE To Fuck Her!!! Hi, I'm Eugenia. A 19 year old girl who is very sexually frustrated. I am indeed what some may call an Ugly Duckling, The only problem is I havent yet blossomed into the beautiful princess like my parents promised me. I was 18 years old before any boy I knew decided to fuck me!!! Can you imagine being the only virgin in High School. It was so embarrassing. Of course I did anything to get the boys attention. I gave secret handy jays for a long time after classes, sometimes during school. But still nothing. So I upped my game and started sucking cock, I would give blowjobs left right and center and still the boys didn't wanna fuck me. I was so sad. If only they knew just what a Filthy Whore I could have been for them. Until one day, a boy from my old school saw me at a party, he was fucked up that he was able to look past my ugliness and finally give me what I had been craving all of my life. It was amazing. With this new found liberation, I have since found the confidence to Whore myself all over this green Earth. I ALWAYS AIM TO PLEASE. - An Ugly Girl's Promise.