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Mistress Delight

Sensual Mistress; worship me and pay me

Get on your knees with your wallet in your mouth ready to lay it at My perfect feet. You deserve nothing and I deserve the best. Your job is to please me in the only way you can by lavishing me with gifts and money. I will fuck your mind into complete submission. you will want nothing more then to please a beautiful goddess like Me. I will take every last penny and you will love every minute. you will BEG like a little bitch to give Me everything just to put a smile on My pretty face. I will take it all and laugh at you. See how easy it is to become addicted to me.

Do thoughts of kneeling before a woman and offering your open wallet to her make your breathing deepen? Do you find yourself fantasizing about financial slavery, and masturbating to it, several times a week? Want to make it a reality, but on a scale that is realistic and still offers you a safety cushion?

• Start understanding that the object is HER, not you. This is so important and beyond question the hardest step to maintain. I suggest writing it down everywhere. Some little cryptic phrase that only you will understand, but that will remind you of the truth when you need it most - in those moments when you're NOT staring at her, or her picture, with a raging stiffy and your wallet in your mouth.

Seeing "Remember who it's really for", or "Stop NOW! Think of Her for 30 seconds. Nothing ever comes before Her." on your blotter at work, or on your PDA every day will go a long way to building up that critical link. I is important to you and you should want to listen to her and make her happy. That, after all, is the whole point of this.

• Start small, but regularly. Make the act of tribute something you do every day. Between the two of you, make it an expected ritual. Do it at the same time, wearing the designated items, and/or in the designated position. The amounts, I suggest, should be minimal at first, growing much more significant later. Allow yourself time to appreciate the pleasures of giving - slowly, quietly and ruthlessly regularly. Can you imagine how it will make her feel, even three years ahead, when she looks back at an unbroken chain of daily tributes?

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