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Being a senior is a weird time for any college student. You work hard to get here and then when you finally do you feel old and a little bummed that it's almost over.
I know I had a blast. I did all the things that “would kill” me and guess what? I survived lol
Besides, when did good cock and cumshots ever kill anyone?
If cock kills let me die 1 million times...every single day! LOL
I’m Sarah and I'm the smart blonde with a body that does actually kill. Outside of getting A’s on tests and quizzes I do lots of extra curricular activities with men(and women) I should stay far, far away from…
Like college professors...who happened to be married and “monogamous.”
Those are always the best ones. It’s cute how they try to hide their hard-ons when they threaten to report me the to the Dean.
Funny how the only time the Dean found out about the kinky shit I did with faculty is when he was fingering my tight little asshole in his rental property.

Danger has always intrigued me. When you say “don’t” my mind goes into the ways I can do it anyway...and get away with it.
Which brings me here. I know I should cover my face or something on a site like this but that is far too safe.
I am about to enter the real world of adulthood...why play it safe now?
Call me NOOOW! Lets get fucking wild- Sarah.

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