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Femdom Therapy or Submissive Acceptance Therapy

  Superior Bratty Princess

Your favorite Canadian Domme ;)

Welcome. I have been involved in Femdom, Findom, and BDSM for 8 years now. I find that a lot of subs want Me to help them accept themselves, or understand themselves and understand why they turn to Femdom. If you are looking for some healing or acceptance from someone with plenty of experience, then you need Me. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and thought that I would make a listing for those looking for more of a therapy session. Yes, I am real, click My goodies tab for My clips and for My verification. I have a few other lines too, and do offer cam on occasion. I also now do text chat for the shy ones. You are welcome to send a short message before hand, if you'd like Me to have an idea of what you are calling for.

*Please be clear when you call, about what it is you are looking for exactly, or what it is you wish to discuss. I can't do My best to help you if you don't communicate to Me what you need. Understand? Good!

My general opinion about Femdom: You need Me. You need this. You feel rejected and confused in your vanilla life. This is how you cope. By escaping into internet Femdom land and having a beautiful Woman verbally break you down and tell you how it is. This is how you deal with your failures and insecurities. Hot. Why let others in your vanilla life make you feel like a worthless failure? You can take control of your life and instead, pay an internet bitch to make you feel worthless failure. Isn't that so much better than hearing it from your gf/wife/boss/parents? Come to Princess and escape. You need to escape. You need to feel good. My words swoon around in your silly little brain and through that, your emotional pain drifts away. I have the power to heal men. I have a beautiful gift. You love Me, because I understand you. I accept your weaknesses. You can be yourself with Me because I know exactly who you are and what you need. You've never been happier than you are now, with Me in your life to guide you.

XOXO, Princess