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I'm pretty messed up, by the way.... ;) And I bet we share the same cravings, you and I; I know that deep down, you and I are the same. You know that you wouldn't be here, fantasizing about plugging my holes with your cock in the sickest and most fucked up ways if we weren't... ;) Shame on you for thinking those twisted perverted thoughts! ;) To be honest, I am a true sexual deviant. And I've always known that I was different from other girls. Yes, on the outside I look like them; always smiling, being the 'perfect girl next door'...being the best, most proper girl for everyone to like and admire. I would even go to church (mass) each Sunday. However, on the inside...behind this pretty smile and my bright, pure, beautiful eyes lies a dark and devious side -- a truly twisted, mentally ill side. I've been in therapy for years; was violated in just....unspeakably wrong ways...the most horrible, horrible things were done to me. 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