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Miss Huntress

The Discipline of Self-Exposure

THIS LISTING IS NOT ABOUT BLACKMAIL. It is also not a role-playing listing.

My knowledge of the intricate relationship between the kink world and vanilla world, comes from over a decade of personal and professional experience, as a Domme, Disciplinarian, Mistress, submissive, fetish educator and life coach. The premise of all that I offer my clients, revolves around my steadfast belief that fetish fulfillment is not merely a desire – it is a very important NEED.

I was prompted to create this listing because 90% of my clients want to “self-expose” their fetish interests, in some way, to some extent, and to various people. Just like all fetishes, self-exposure serves a very important purpose, and it is important to fulfill those needs. However, it is important to do so in a feasible, responsible, and as low-risk a way as possible -and that is the intention behind this listing. I will repeat, again, that this is not a black-mail listing and I will NOT be exposing you in ANY manner – you will be choosing to expose yourself. Hence SELF-exposure. I do, however, offer custom-made accountability programs, should you find it fulfilling to complete a list of self-exposure tasks and report back to me that they have been done.

These are the topics I cover:

  • Examining the reasons why you feel the need to self-expose.

  • The pros/cons of self-exposure in the kink and/or vanilla world.

  • Constructive strategies for self-exposure in the kink world, and/or in the vanilla world.

  • Modifying or expanding current self-exposure methods.

  • If you have a self-exposure experience that you just need to share with someone, I am happy to act as a confessional.

If you are interested in a custom-made, accountability program, let me know, and I can email you an example of what it would look like -along with the associated costs.

I also have an article for sale, “Self-Exposure: The How and Why” and it covers, in general, the topics above – it is for sale under the Goodies tab.

Thank you! Jennifer