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Goddess Vivian leigh

Sexual Aversion Reprogramming for Faggots

                        Sexual Aversion Reprogramming 


The objective to my sexual aversion reprogramming program is to alter your brain into giving in to your faggot tendencies instead of following your natural reaction to repress them. 

Society has mind fucked you into believing that your desires, fantasies and tendencies make you a pervert. I say they make you a good little slut. 

If you want to suck a dick, suck a dick. If you want your manhood destroyed entirely, go for it. The more you repress your desires to be a cum guzzling sloppy bottom, the stronger they become- until you can think of nothing else. 


- foot domination
Be a dirty bitch beneath my feet. Ask no questions and follow all instructions. You exist to lick my sweaty soles and serve as far beneath me as possible. A good little foot slave faggot will never question his mistress' demands.


 -Satanic Mind Fuck                                                                                                 
As a natural witch, succubus and Laveyan Goddess, I feed on your weakness and absorb your energy while filling you with a void filling feeling of utopia... a high that you cannot get enough of. Laws of morality and christian virtue will be removed from your conscious and instead, replaced with the 11 Satanic laws of the earth. 

 Clinical Therapy- 
Gifted at the practice of psycho analysis, I will ask you questions about your feelings, past experiences and tendencies then use the answers against you as I delve deep into your psyche, bringing to light issues you have had in your life that helped mold you into the cocksucker you are. I will then give you 'progress assignments' that will project you further into the dirty depths of your mind... and that's where you will stay.

Femdom by the southern belle-

femdom but also a southern belle, you will never hear anger in my voice. While I may call you a bitch, a sissy, and a faggot, I do it in a manner sweeter than honeysuckle. A lady never raises her voice louder than a gentle whisper that burrows into your ear and then lodges inside your brain...taking control. And her song is always as sweet as that of a meadowlark. I like to get inside your head and scramble things up a bit, but don't's for your own good. 



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