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Say goodbye to every bit of the masculinity you have. I'm going to strip it all away bit by bit. Soon you will not have to worry about buying any of those icky man clothes. Soon you will have no concern for your "macho man" persona. You WILL become feminine, prissy, and soft. So I guess that means that you will be in every sense of the word, a woman. Lingerie, heels, hair, thigh highs, skirts, blouses, and of course lipstick. I can't wait to give you a complete makeup over. From the inside out, all woman............Oh and of course, you'll definitely have your new "womanly" duties that shall fit you perfectly

I want to guide you into becoming a full time fag. I know you want out of the closet.

Let me dress you up and pimp you out! Give your self to me to me and I shall take full control. I have so many reasons for my love of feminization, ranging from therapeutic to erotic. I have many IDEAL feminization candidates. The one commonality they share is a love for feminine clothing, and female archetypes they're surrounded by every day, connected to an actual feminine core of many sorts. I myself have a huge fetish for lingerie. And various other sensual wear. In short, I can very much relate to most every kind of sissy. The ideal is when we have a very close intimate girlfriend bond, whether it be me instructing you with a gentleness that's essential to a beginner or those hesitant to come out, or touching my dark wild side that will enhance your inner slut. I want us to be confidantes. I have quite an extensive familiarity with feminization from head to toe- skin care, makeup... all sorts of beauty tips. And I'm skilled in the art of seduction, flirtation- it doesn't matter that I myself am an ice queen towards men (though I do love them), I make them work because I thrive on adoration and symbols of it. So feel free to approach me even if this has just been a fantasy that you have not pursued… From the most prissy sissy to the most cock-craving cum slut. So with this said, know I'm a true glamour girl who thrives on all that I've described and more. Join my sissy club (whether you're straight or gay or just not labeled, I love scenarios that involve my sissy girlfriends encountering men ; ) ).

I also do hypnosis session's, with my sensual voice you will believe everything that happens inside of your mind is real. You will accept it as real. The deeper you go, the deeper your experience will be.

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