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Janelle Erotica

Erotic Improv... Experience My Artistry

          Erotic Improv: The Art of creating a unique tale in the moment, built upon a few bits of inspiration from YOU!

          You provide Me with some building blocks; perhaps a place. A time. A mood. Maybe some kinks you would like explored. Who, and how many. I then proceed to weave a tale for us, usually sexual, but it does not have to be. My extensive experience in the sex industry (since 1992), My quick wit, playfulness, deviousness... all of these, along with My artistic ability to create, provide for a unique experience for you! Call Me now, give it a try!!!

Yes, there is a catch. Several, actually.

  • I am an Alpha Dominant. I am not a switch. I do not do play submissive roles. However! I am not always expressing my natural Alpha-Dominant aspect. Quite the contrary actually! I can be quite mischievous, can be a total tease, revel in making you uncomfortable (especially in public), but I also love those incredibly intimate moments that only the two of us will ever share with one another.
  • I am not here to be challenged, tested, abused, etc
  • I adhere to NiteFlirt policies!!! No Exceptions!!!
  • I do not do quickies of ANY kind. My stories evolve, and require time to develop and experience. 15 minutes would be a minimum for a satisfying, pleasurable experience
  • No (quickie) blowjobs, wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am, etc.

ALL pictures are of Me! All graphics are My creations!

I love to know I am appreciated!