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Man seeks two things: danger and play; therefore he seeks woman as the most dangerous plaything.
Have you been professionally taken by FinDom Mistresses who have years of experience? Aw...sorry to hear that. Mistress Candace is gentle on first.
I expect a certain amount of spoiling but demanding your cash isn't my style. I'd rather coax it out of you while you're enjoying our relationship...then you won't even know how much is gone because you're in a state of ecstasy.
The closer we become the more I am going to take. I'm not into heavy humiliation, but you'll find my devious develish but cute laugh will be all you need to feel weakened and inadequate. Click the bill to buy my latest light humiliation MP4 vid.
You will serve me whether it's immediate or eventual, but you will. When addressing me use Mistress. Whether we take it slow and build trust over time- or I rinse your wallet and rape it in one session I will take your cash and own your cock.
What you should know about me:
*I will not chase you.
*I will not hold your hand.
*I do not communicate without your earning it.
*I am not a one size fits all Financial Domme, tell me specifics about your financial domination style, some like tributes, raise the rate and many don't like to click buttons, but will respond to payment requests...I want to know what your specific hot buttons are.
I want to get inside your head by getting to know you a bit...then I can rinse you over and over. You WILL BUY something OR SEND MONEY, call or tribute or we will never speak. Now, we've got that out of the way...
Want to play via MP3? That's fine, at first. #FinDomMP3's below. Get started now!
You want to shake that money bag for me don't you?
I will own your cock and that sac of yours sweetheart. It's just a money bag to me Click and Pay! Let's play with it and shake out that cash.
My newest video, make me smile my cash slaves..

This newest 'voice like viagra' MP3 is a nice start, but will you go to level 2?
My style: I want to get inside your head. I don't yell or use harsh humiliation (unless you pay for it and need it) but it's not my style. I have found the best connection between men and myself is that I I get you attached and addicted to me=I use your money and you enjoy the sexual gratification of my voice, my style and my dominance. #MistressCandace #FinDomSub #FinancialDomination #ExecutiveStressRelief #TributeMe #SpoilMe #CockControl #FinDomMistress
While this listing is somewhat new, I am not new to NF or new to treating men like they deserve. Click and Pay! Object, Reject, PayPet, Cashslave, SugarDaddy, Human ATM, Sugar Daddy Spoiler etc... It doesn't matter which you are. It's your fetish, I will just exploit it. Gifts, pay my bills, tributes, control...It's time to begin SERVING me and let the power exchange begin. You'll enjoy it or not!

Did you buy my 3mo exclusive to Mistress Candace Cash Slave contract but not sign it? Having trouble committing? I won't stand for that! I don't need your money sweety, it's just sac cash to me.
Are you a married PayPet, Piggy, Cash Slave or Human ATM who craves that special sensually dominant Mistress who controls your wallet? Craving all the sexual intense communication and excitement your marriage lacks?
Are you considered by all standards, upscale or wealthy? That matches my style and is my favorite slave; full of money and class and lacking a truly sensual dominant woman to use you. Not feeling purposeful anymore? Wife knows all your moves and got bored with your cock long ago?
That's great! I'll take care of the purpose you lack. Start with adopting my electric bill $100 per month by the 7th each and every month.
Foot Fetish conditioning for cash slaves. This MP4 is for you.
As an experienced Money Mistress, I'm not one of those stupid girls who cares about purses, clothes and shoes. I am a sensual but strict Mistress...I like taking your cash from you and hearing you moan. I am expensive GREEDY and expect generosity as I give generously of my time to my Cash Slaves, PayPets, and Human ATM's as long as you pay Mistress Candace...I am strict.
Now that you've come this far, you're dying to risk your money! I know how you feel, I'm here to take it. Now, click to be controlled and MAN-ipulated by Mistress. Need soft humiliation? Daily Devotional Worthless Male MP3
Read this far and didn't click and buy...spending money is the only way you can truly find satisfaction. And, it's the only way to become my special pet.