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Man seeks two things: danger and play; therefore he seeks woman as the most dangerous plaything.
You will serve me. You WILL BUY OR SEND MONEY. something or tribute or call.
IF YOU DON'T, you will be blocked! You came onto the financial domination fetish area of this website for a reason.
While this listing is new, I am not new to treating men like they deserve. Object, Reject, PayPet. It doesn't matter which, It's your fetish, I will just exploit it. Gifts, pay my bills, tributes, control... It's time to begin SERVING me and let the power exchange begin. Start with a call or a gift, or tribute.
Add to my bank account 'just because' you want my attention and you understand that you....Pay Me!
1.Do not call unless you expect to serve me.
2.Do not talk to me about other women.
3.Do not pant, grunt or beg!
Financial Slave Contract 3 mo devoation to me.
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Craving that special sensual intelligent cyber Mistress who controls your wallet? Craving all the sexual intense communication and control you lack? Desperate for my attention but finding it difficult to get it? Go shopping for Mistress. If you're generous enough, maybe we shop together on the phone. How much will I take?
Are you a weak masturbator? Chronically stroking and clicking FinDom ads on NiteFlirt? Click to begin your cock ownership. You need controlled. $10
Getting to know me personally by getting special emails and audio clips will increase my control over you.
Listen to my voice. Didn't have your sound on? Turn it on...Listen now to my voice, you may become addicted right away. Didn't click and pay? I won't stand for that.
Now...let's see if we can play raise the rate, or keep tipping, or buy my affection.

Adopt my electric bill
As an experienced Money Mistress, I'm not one of those stupid girls who cares about purses, clothes and shoes. A sensual but strict Mistress...mmm that's a delicious mix.
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Money is power, and you're about to lose both. I will buy my move to Seattle with your money, you'll pay my rent for that executive home on the market, fully furnished. My subtle voice and FinDom Hypnotherapy will make you pay. Read this far and didn't click and buy...spending money is the only way you can truly find satisfaction.