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I want to laugh at your very little problem!



Well hey there, I see you have a very little problem!

I will genuinely start laughing at your little problem, once you call me!!!

You know you need to talk to someone who understands your, um, "little problem" now, don't you?

Well that someone is ME.

Depending on how I feel, I can laugh at you and describe how my girl friends will all be doing the same OR I can sympathize with you and pat you like a pet and tell you everything is going to be okay despite your "little problem".

You can also call me about pretty much anything cause I'm not JUST into talking with guys who are lacking in the love pole department!

Today's fun? Why, of course you just sent me a pic of your little "shortcoming," and we are laughing our cute little butts off, seeing as you really do not measure up to any of our known boyfriends!

Hugs...Sandra Xoxoxox

P.S. I have a recording for all of you who have that "little" problem hehe. Check it out! You KNOW you should be listening to it daily ;)