Phone Sex

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Lexxi's Cheap Loser Ignore Line

A new line made just for you...
the loser who craves my special brand of attention
but is too pathetic to speak...
too much of a coward to talk to a real woman.
I know...I'm way more woman
than most men can handle.

Maybe you're just a tightwad son-of-a-bitch
and spend your time trolling the cheap listings all day and all night
and this is the best you can get from me?
Well, guess what?
You've found your new home!

The only thing you get to do on this line is listen and pay.
You've been paying for it all your life in one way or another...
why stop now?

I will not speak to you.

I will not ask your name or give a damn
about anything you might have to say.
I will only ignore you and you will come to love me for it.

What will I be doing when you call?
I could be painting my nails, cooking a meal
or taking a long, hot bubble bath.
I could be rolling around on the floor
in my tight sexy yoga pants
stretching out all those aches and pains
from getting barebacked by my younger Cub.

So many more important things
I'd much rather be doing
than talking to your worthless little ass on the phone.

You need the attention but you MUST be ignored to feel validated, don't you?
You're not normal, are you?
You'll never be normal.
You're not normal
and you're not special
or even worth a passing thought, are you?

You're just a sad little loser, plain and simple
and you're hard as a rock just thinking about this.
The excitement...
the blatant disregard for your time and your wallet.

Fuck you, loser.

Pick up the phone and call me right now.
Let's see just how long you can leave that meter running.