Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

They say your eyes are the gateway to your soul... If that is the case...what do you see when you look into mine?

Something soft? Sweet?...Caring even?

If so that is something you and my husband had in common when we first met.

According to the world he was an "alpha" a Top executive  who called all the shots.

According to me (which is the only perspective that matters) he was a servant dressed in the costume of a boss. But like most slaves, it takes a woman like me to see who they really are.

So I used his flawed opinion of me to my advantage until it was time to strike.

I knew that once he trusted me I could use my gift of Hypnosis to turn him into whatever I was in the mood for. At that time, I was in the mood for a cuck.

An obedient cuck who has thirst for cock and a need to put odd objects up his ass for my amusement...and that's exactly what I created....what I made.

I was just going to use him for a little while and throw him away but he earned his keep...and is still serving me today.

But, it is time I have a little more fun with someone just like you.

I love to prey on that weakness within you that your wife is too basic to see and use it to MY advantage..over and after call...hour after hour.

Now, I am very skilled at what I do. I am not some Hypnosis imposer. I am the real deal.

Ask my husband...he took the photos you see here in my home office.

I do not like the demanding submissive. I like the submissive who knows his place. But don’t worry, if you are confused I can whip you into shape in more ways than one.

Alright, enough of this autobiography. I want you to set aside at least an hour of time and call Eva...

Call me now for some Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex...focus on my voice as you look at my photographs...stare into my eyes...feel them piercing into your soul...digging out your darkest secrets only to turn you into my best servant yet... Please keep in mind, I'm a hypnotist and NOT a mind reader. It's your job to let me know, what types of ways you will submit to me. If you are vague with me about your submissive desires, I will assume you want to send me a series of tributes until you figure out what you want.