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*Advice Line* Giving you Honest Sex/Life Advice! O

I want you to describe your problem/issue/fetish/thoughts to me -
in great DETAIL:

- Tell me what it is that you do or can't stop thinking about
- Tell me how you feel about it
- Tell me why and how it arouses you
- Tell me if you pleasure yourself when you think about it
- Tell me how you feel as you're pleasuring yourself (if you do)
- Tell me how you feel talking to me about it
- Does your wife/gf/friends know?
- How would you feel if they ever found out?
- Tell me how much of a man you feel like
- Tell me if you want release.

I'm here to help. I have many talents but I really enjoy helping men get their sh*t together. I know you all need a little help and if you can open up to me, I can help you.
I promise I will listen to your entire problem – no matter how crazy, ridiculous, embarrassing or stupid it sounds. I'll listen and give you honest feedback and advice. I’ve helped many guys (and girls for that matter) in real life already with my advice. So many have told me how grateful they are they were able to talk to me, or that I saved their relationship or entirely changed their life or sexuality.

If you just want to get your kinky embarrassing fetish off your chest and simply want to talk to a beautiful, real girl about it (and don’t need advice – or aren’t ready for that yet) I'm okay with that too. I'll listen to you.
If you are honest and open and a "good boy", I'll allow you to stroke yourself as I'm listening to you. But you have to show me that you're honest and that you deserve some relief.

Give me a call today & get your whole load out (pun intended...)

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If you're too embarrassed to call, I'm also available for
Help via Mail

Please send me a message and explain your problem -- please be thorough and explain your problem/situation AT LENGTH. I need to understand exactly what's going on and how you feel about it in order for me to help you. Don't leave out details.
IMPORTANT: For Mail Inquiries, you NEED to send along PAYMENT (a TRIBUTE) with it (-- $25 minimum - more depending on the issue).

I will be pleased to read your message.
You will be more pleased to receive my response...

*whispers softly*
Do not touch your cock until I tell you to.....
Do not touch your cock until I tell you to...