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Zeda Vaughn

Findom ~ Financial Sadist: $truggle, $pend, $ubmit


You are ready to accept Female Supremacy as your way of life, aren't you? 


Think about how you got here . . .

You let the trappings of toxic masculinity get the best of you. You try to be what you think is expected of you-- strong, in charge, charming, attractive, agressive, and sexually skilled. You’re not any of those things, are you? You’ve been a disappointment to every woman you’ve been with. In a nutshell, you’re a real loser. No matter how hard you try, you repeatedly fail at being a man.

You also can’t stop stroking to the thought of what a colossal disappointment you are. The more emasculated and humiliated you feel, the stiffer your cock gets. The more ashamed you feel about being a weak-willed wank addict, the harder you cum. Funny how that works, huh?

Do you know why this is? Because you are not and never will be a real man. Stop trying to live up to that. That’s why you keep failing. That’s why women don’t want you. You’re inferior. You were put on this earth to serve. Your purpose is to keep women like Me happy with your suffering (not with your cock because you’ll never keep anyone happy with that). Your purpose is to be exploited. Accept this as your destiny and you’ll be at peace.

Stop repeating the humiliating cycle of calling random girls on Niteflirt, wanking, feeling guilty, promising yourself you’ll quit this shameful habit . . . and then doing it all over again. Stop falling into that bottomless pit of sex addiction. Accept your role, your fate, and assign purpose to your uncontrollable urges. Commit yourself to a Superior Goddess that understands your struggle.

I’m a rare breed of Findom. Yes, My purpose is to be adored and worshiped-- treated like a queen. I need to know you’re My toy and will sacrifice for My happiness, comfort, and amusement. I need to know that you commit your life to Female Supremacy and uphold it at all costs. But you’re not just a pay pig, cash cow, or insignificant worm for Me to wallet rape simply for the fun of it. I will rinse you on a deeper level for a higher purpose.

You see, I know your struggles. I know how you continually fail at manhood. I know that you can’t keep up this charade any longer. With Me you don’t have to. I will release you from those impossible responsibilities and allow you to fulfill your true destiny as an inferior being.

I will make your incessant, emotionally empty stroking worthwhile. I will give it meaning. You will pay Me for the gift of allowing you to cum for a greater purpose. You will pay Me for the privilege of adoring and worshiping Me. You will pay Me because you are devoted to Female Superiority. You will pay Me for finally allowing you to be free.

Are you finally ready to admit what you are? Are you ready to live the life of sacrifice you were destined to?


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Some (but not all) of My personal kinks & specialties:

Jack off Instruction/JOI, Jack off Encouragement/JOE, Forced Bi, Forced Feminization/Sissy, Humiliation, Corporal Punishment, Face Slapping, Foot Worship/Pedicures, Facesitting, Cunt Worship, CEI/Cum Eating Instruction, Forced Orgasm, Goddess Worship, Domestic Discipline & Service, CBT (cock and ball torture), Corsets, Latex, Boot Worship/Boot Blacking, Bimbofication, Electrosex & Electrotorture, Laughing At your Teeny Tiny Cock/SPH, Objectification, Wet & Messy/WAM, Interrogation, Ignore Fetish, Prostate Milking, Stockings, Masks/Hoods, Cuckold, Chastity, Keyholder, Strap-on/Pegging, Making you Beg, Findom/Financial Domination & Total Control, Vintage Lingerie, Controlling your Life, Bizarre Role Play, CFNM, Group Sex, Toys, MILF/Mrs. Robinson, Lactation, Intox, Dollification, Tease & Denial, Edging, Spanking, Sadistic Humor, Fire Play, Mind Fucks, Face-Fucking w/ My Strap-On, Dietary Restriction, Wallet Rape, Fantasy Blackmail, Female Superiority/Worship, Data Domination, your Total & Complete Devotion to Me 




"The absolute very best I've ever experienced in niteflirt!! Took my fantasy to the next level!!! Call her!!! You will not be disappointed. Guaranteed!!!!!!"

"Holy Shit! That was a great call. Communicates well and knows which buttons to press. Call her and you'll see what she is all about."

"Wow! Just amazing and a killer at role play. Took the fantasy and just turned up the wickedly sensual heat. Highly erotic, with an amazing voice and a diabolical laugh. A top-shelf experience not to be missed."

"Pretty much the woman of my dreams. My very, very naughty dreams. She is definitely the real deal... so good"




Post script: I am a real person and the all pictures on My listings are of Me. I’ve been involved in the public BDSM scene for many years. I am extensively knowledgeable about this lifestyle as well as other alt sex communities and am a sought after, popular sex/kink educator and coach. This isn't just a character on the phone-- I live, breathe and, eat this lifestyle. So why no clear/not heavily edited face pics? I get off on the mystique and get into My role more deeply when I can be someone else. The sexier I feel and the more I can let go, the more you benefit. So shut your mouth and go with it.

I am Dominant. Not a switch, not a submissive. Although I may engage in activities that are considered "bottoming," I always perform them with a commanding hand. Dominance is an attitude, not a sex act. I don’t take orders from men (or women, as I love them too), however, I have no problem entertaining polite and respectful requests.

So you and I can get the most out of our time together, be upfront with what your fantasy is and what you're looking for. I can be a sensual Domme with firm but loving hand or a sadistic bitch with very dark and twisted desires. I can make it all about the sex or simply focus on your specific fetish. I also offer kinky coaching and advice. Let me know which road you travel on so I can cater to your needs.

Lastly, please be respectful. I do this because I enjoy it (and your money). I immediately block callers that are abusive, ask me to violate the TOS, hang up without warning, or are otherwise disrespectful. If you enjoy your experience with me, please leave feedback.