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You are now home, NO JUDGEMENTS!

Whether it is real therapy combined with hypnosis, or just experiencing a session that will make you really feel taste and smell your desires. This is your new home!

Now that I don't have to dedicate time on my hypnotherapy practice, I can build relationships with you! I'm a real, down to earth PRO DOM, and I will read you like a book. The way I use my voice will relax you, trance you to the point where you will Confide and Confess so I can use it to my advantage!

Even if you have no idea what you want, I will get you there. You WILL have that AHA moment, a climactic elation to how close YOU WILL feel to a REAL LIFE FEMGOD!

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that works with the motherboard of your mind and is able to turn a wannabe cocksucker into a cocksucker.

Or make an embarrassed wanna-be sissy into a drooling GIRLI-GIRL pantie wearing BESTIE! I WILL PUSH YOUR LIMITS! Be very careful what you wish for !

Please save for enough time so the one min lady doesn't disturb us.

I also love to play just like you do... meaning, once we're alone, I can't wait to cum with you!! Sometimes even a GODDESS LIKE ME HAS NEEDS:)

My creativity and beauty has secured a dominant nature to my personality.


ASMR- Brain Tingles-Condom sucking - - - Role Play--- CFNM---JOI---Gay For Pay - - - CFNM---- Cock Sucking - - - Extreme Humiliation - - - Cuckholding - - - Behavior Modification - - - Ball Kicking - Hard - - - Orgasm Modification - - - Masturbation Denial haa - - - Climax Extreme Discipline - - - Bondage - - - Behavior Exhibitionism - - - Rough Play - - - Anal Play & Training - - - Fear Input - - - Making You Fatter, Dumper, - - - Feminization - Breasts And All - - - Cock N Ball squeeze & Making Them Disappear - - -Alter Ego


Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss - - - Stress Release - - - Oldest To Most Modern Induction & Trancing - - - Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin or Come Out! - - - Eliminate Fears, Phobias, Anxiety - - - Transform Sadness & Grief into Creative Energy - - - Healing-Heal Your Past - - - Eliminate Insomnia - - - Nutritional Support-(Eat For Your Blood Type, Food-Combining)