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Super niceguy who you are safe with...

Hey beautiful lady, This is "Niceguy" and really am. A true southern-gentleman, with a real southern accent and a high IQ (especially a sexual IQ) A conservative "preacher's kid", that grew up in the south who is as comfortable in a church pew (or speaking in front of everyone), a corporate board room, or a bar stool at a dive bar. Very well traveled due to my career and other non-profit work I do. So, you are here to play out fantasies that no one dare know about. you. Your reputation, your role in your family, community, career, church would not understand, you want your status, comforts, inclusion, but to talk to someone that can understand that, protect that, but also desire you - for you. That finds your creative (and sometime very deviant) mind extremely sexy, attractive and insatiably desirable. A man, that gets hard just thinking about you thinking about how nasty you want to be. and what you want me to do to you or with you. I hope it includes your hands on the back of my head while kissing. Or you watching the top of my head and grinding yourself on my face, with your legs over my shoulders; your heels digging in to my back... I love bathing you with a lot of oral sex. I also love you being loud and talking (if we're not moaning or screaming with ecstasy) about it while we enjoy mutual satisfaction. I'm not as old as the icon of DOSXX man, but have been compared to him several times. The gray beard/goatee, and in my profession in cyber security told. you are "the most interesting man in the world" LOL.. not sure if I buy that, but I have lived a few years and I listen and pay attention A super nice guy, that wants your body, your mind, and to please you :) Either your seeking the fantasies of an older man , or exploring beyond your marriage what is lacking, that he doesn't understand. Or your mature and want a confident man to talk too. that you can be matter of fact with to fulfill your wants and desires. Possibly you’re a submissive and know exactly what you want or still figuring it out. We can have fun doing that. You think about sex more than most, or at least you think you do. The naughtiest and kinkiest desires race through your mind. where you mind goes when you see that someone at work, or the guy next door that doesn't know that you masturbated while fantasizing about him in the shower; or your child's school teacher that you'd love to teach you a couple things, or the priest/pastor at church at you feel the guiltiest pleasures towards. Or that bad boy that you wouldn’t be caught dead with but you want to unleash your entire body too. Or maybe its another woman, multiple men??? If the girls at the office, fellow moms, Sunday school class, only knew. It might even be too close for comfort. your best friends husband, her son, or if you’re older, one of your kid’s friends, or another family member that you can't help but wonder about. No fantasy, or confession, is off-limits. Filthy nasty language is OK if you're OK with it and it's a turn-on for you. I can however be very seducing and provocative without any typical bedroom or slutty talk.. There isn't much that i would not explore with you. (I would say there isn't "anything", but I've been shocked and surprised too.. You think your normal but then feel the contradiction, do normal people think like this. Or you love the Uniqueness of you. and looking for someone with the extremes of cerebral intelligence, maturity, yet base animalistic wants that your body and mind craves. An unbridled sexuality and desire that your mind conceives, but wonder does any man exists that could understand that, accept it; even celebrate it and encourage it? ....I do, I promise you I do.... You understand the value of you, your sexuality, your beauty, your carnal desires and kinkiness that you don't think anyone would understand. Either you have such a great mask that is so concealed from your past lovers, boyfriend, or husband. that you sometimes feel guilty for allowing your mind to go there. Who would understand, and still care for me as a person... or someone that would understand the baseness of what your body and mind desire. Toys, people, positions, fetishes, etc.. That would think your worthy, worth it, or on the other extreme, that you would deem worthy of. A person where your acceptance as a person - regardless of what you have done, what was done to you, or what you may want to do to others - is guaranteed once the boundaries were understood. Let me know what you need or want. Just realize that when you talk to me you will have my attention; your body will feel differently if you relax and lay into your desires. Our brains are our largest (and best) sex organ that will lead to some of the most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve had. Not all talk has to be sexual, fantasy, role-play, or mutual masturbation, maybe you just need to talk and be listened too. I’m great at that too. love conversation. Our talk can be emotional too if you need an emotional connection to sexual fulfillment. Come talk to me Mr Niceguy if you've never talked to an empathic sexual healer, you need to. :)