Phone Sex

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Hello. I'm Bea, but you should call Me Lady. I'll warn you, though, proceed at your own risk. There's no turning back from here, no way to go back to a time before you knew Me. This is the beginning of the rest of your life. My voice will fill your thoughts, My eyes will haunt your dreams, My presence will consume your world, and My absence will throw it into darkness. Come closer, if you dare. On your knees, if you please. Beg your Lady. What do I like? How long a list can I make? Let's start with: My power, your weakness, My life, your loyalty, My money, your money, My happiness, your happiness. I like poetry and pain, I like darkness and hunger, I like desperation and the glorious sweet release that comes from true satisfaction. I like that emptiness when the satisfaction subsides, because that means the hunger and desperation are building again. I like black clothing, I like New York City (My home), I like tea and whiskey (separately or together), I like shoes and lingerie, I like books and art, I like soft rugs and scalding baths, I like laying in bed till noon and smoking all afternoon and taking long strolls through the streets where everyone steps out of My way, because My life is just how I want it to be. I like sex, I fucking love sex. I love to stop men in their shoes. I love to walk right past them, leaving a hint of My fragrance and a lingering ache they never knew they had. I love to fuck people who know how to please Me. I love to brag about My fucking to people who don't. I love to be carefree. I love that you want Me. I love that you're aching to be close. I love that you've already fallen for Me. I'm a lifestyle Domme (though a new presence online), and I believe in and live by the rules of good consensual safe play. I don't break My toys, but I will use them thoroughly and they will be stronger and better and purer for it. I inspire love and devotion and Art and generosity and obsession and commitment and unadulterated desire. You have been warned. And you have also been welcomed. Come here. Closer. Closer still.