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Can I Be the Naughty Girl of Your Dreams?

I've always had a soft spot for roleplay.

It started with the first boyfriend I ever had. He asked me if I ever roleplayed and I hadn't. I didn't even know what it was! I grew up sheltered. He taught me though, and oh, once I knew? I wanted more.

What do you want me to be? I would be anyone and anything for you. Say your whim and I'll mold myself to it.

Do you want me to be your tomboy best friend who suddenly wants to ride your cock after a video game session? Or a slutty secretary you hired and the only way I can keep the job is if I bend over your desk so you can plow me.

Maybe you want me to be something fantasy related: an elf, a sorceress, a succubus. I can be that for you. I love fantasy settings and my favorite are elves and woodland creatures. Fuck me in the middle of the forest, sully my pure body and keep me craving your cock from then on.

What's your desire, baby? I'm ready to fulfill it, whatever it is.

Just say the word.