Phone Sex

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Naughty Phoenix Welcomes you…

Your job... is to please me. You will kneel at my feet, and kiss my boots, and worship me. You will beg me to let you cum. You will bend your will to mine and serve my every desire. And you will do it, because you want to do it. So get going...

Dip into your curiosity, feed into your wild side. I am the faceless one that will make you beg to cum, and make you clean it up after wards. I will be the one who makes you tell me your deepest darkest secrets, and remember them later to torment you with. Come to me, my pet. Make me remember you. Let me beat you until you cry out and beg for mercy. Let me feed into the darker sides you hide from the every day world. Come to me.

Boot worship and Foot Fetish
Breath control
Orgasm control
And more...

You Will submit to My Will and come to Me, letting Me know just what your needs are, and it is MY decision to fulfill them or not... Now be a good boy and pick up the phone.

No no zones: Toilet, beastiality, blood, needles, and knives, no babies, and no extreme pain.