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What Have You Done for Me Lately?--Chat Available

I respond to chat requests between 11a & 9p PDT, except for, Thurs. If you prefer chat, as I do, then, lets have a long conversation. Though my main focus is on intelligent conversation on a diversity of topics & also erotic talk with CD & bi, this line is open to most. I'm not a sub & I won't discuss anything pertaining to kids, animals or violence. Besides fin dom, there is humiliation, discipline, persuasion, ignore. More things may be added. This is all more sensual, though, occasionally harsh. To be able to berate and/or punish you, I need to learn about you, your inadequacies & deviant desires. Persuasion is for encouraging you to be a good little sissie bitch, cum guzzler & the like. For ignore, let me know if you want me to put the phone down & not say anything to you. Only letting you hear me typing on my laptop, watching TV, talking to my current boy/girlfriend, etc. Or if you'd prefer to have me come back every few minutes. That is especially good for those who want to be ridiculed as well. Fin dom includes RTR (raise the rate). Every few minutes I will hangup & increase the charge. Let me know what your upper limit for that is. If you don't call back I will send you a PTV message, which you're expected to pay to make up for it. If you'd prefer to exchange messages (about anything) or like those in addition to calling, I also offer those. Some are free, but, the majority will be, at least, $1. Let me know if you'd be interested in that. I'm just sending out single pics at this time.