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Crazy Ex GF


You know what first off FUCK YOU! I hate you for breaking up with me. I decided to run away from home and drop out of school! I'm too hot for Maury, they couldn't control me on their wild teen episode or even find all the guys I fucked on their paternity test episode! You want me back? Too bad! If you even try to tell me how to behave I'm just gonna call you an asshole and a god damned pussy! I'm gonna smoke, drink, and fuck whoever I want!

I seen your new girlfriend/wife or whatever the fuck she is! She's a fat fucking slob! She could never be as hot as me. I'm not fat, I'm sexy unlike her! You can only get hard for me! I know you still stroke your dick to me! Now bow down and kiss my ass cause if we're getting back together... I'm gonna do what I want!

P.S. Stop telling people I'm crazy cause you know my pussy was the best you ever had!
Fuck Off & Love, Alex