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Liv the Enchantress

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Do you find me alluring? A man like you isn't going to be satisfied with the generic. Your ear craves seduction and your dick? It craves enchantment. Enticement. These are the men that turn me on. I love using my charms on you. I want to touch your body, I want to feel your hands...sliding up and down my ass. Caressing, fondling...sucking on my nipples. I enjoy getting to know where your mind and body wants to go. Single? GF? Married? Sneaking on your cell or tablet...going to your living look. I want you to look. I can't be more genuine than that. My name is Liv, I stand at 5'9 and I'm Brazilian and French. Long dark hair. And of course a beautiful sexy plump round ass to go with all that. I wear about a size 16 in a woman's dress (to give you an idea about my body).

I have to say that it is in no way a turn off knowing men are looking at me, their dicks getting rock hard as my voice takes to their ear. Pussy getting so wet knowing that every ptv they voice, words, red lips, nipples, perfect ass..spread...they're getting closer. Your muse loves bringing you into her pleasure sex garden. Exploring. Learning. Touching. Enjoying getting to know each other. Please understand that yes I do genuinely enjoy doing this. I love being your porn star, it's always been a fantasy of mine to be watched (in a setting of your choice). I'm a graphic artist with a vivid and intense sexual imagination. I'm not the type to sleep around so I come into the Niteworld. For me, it's a great outlet. I get to live out a fantasy. That's awesome lol! witI enjoy men and if you're attached... cheating fantasies can be very intense and erotic.

Yes I have a personality and yes these are my real pics. I also have a wicked sense of humor and various interests. I enjoy getting to know the person to whom I'm speaking with. Here's just a sliver of my interests:

I love music. Classical. Mozart. Jingles (don't you judge me lol) Baroque. The Doors. Synth. Ragtime. African drums (for real). Music speaks to me and I'm hyper visual. Of course I can go on but....yeah I won't lol.

I do love art! Alfons Maria Mucha is a favorite artist of mine, I love listening to Vivaldi while looking at his work. I also love Patrick Nagel, Pater Sato, Syd Brack and on lol. Something erotic about being an artists muse. Posing for him. A seduction of the senses I suppose *privately laughing to myself*

I love 70s porn, something about that diffuser creates such a warm, sensual and sexy glow. As if your watching something forbidden for the first time and it turns you on.

I enjoy animation, right now I'm very much into Russian animation from the 50s-late 80s. The aesthetic is...breath takingly gorgeous!