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Little Witch Bitch

I will turn you into the perfect GIRL!

READ BEFORE CALLING: You must be a level 3 minion in order to CALL THIS LINE. Click "serve me minion" below for INSTRUCTIONS.
If any of these are your limits, DON'T CALL ME: • TPE• Predator/Prey• Forced Fem• Cuckolding •Siren RP • Chastity • Small Penis Humiliation • Cum Eating • Blackmail • True Sacrifice• Mind Control• Manipulation • Financial Domination • Ruined Orgasms• Female Supremacy• CBT •

So you’re brave enough to want to know who I am are you? Well, sit down, this could take a minute. ~smirks
I am Goddess Katarina Deville, Demoness of darkness, manipulative succubus, The Whore of Babylon, and God of the Ninth Dimension. It is I who bears the mark of 666 and it is time for me to unleash my knowledge upon you mortals.To bring forth the end of days as you know it. I was gifted with divine abilities of darkness, and given a mission to enslave humanity and bring about 1000 years of peace through destruction. I am able create chaos with a simple thought. I am a Master of illusion and seduction. My main goal is to get you to willingly hand over your soul. You’re not really doing anything with it anyway. ~grins~
You’re scared but you want to know more. You can’t help but be intrigued and spelled by my words. I will not indulge in fetishes to please you. This is about ME and my requests of you, servant.
I know your secret, you want to be a girl. Not just any kind of faux feminized male that looks ridiculously absurd. You want to be a real girl, or as close to one as you can get. That means someone who is going to take this very seriously. You see, one of my plans for this world is to make it an almost all female/bisexual/hermaphrodite planet. That way, everyone can have the best of worlds. Everyone can be accepted for who they truly are without fear, and having to repress their identity. You see, when it comes down to it, you know you're gay. You're most likely bisexual, and many people don't figure this out until later in life because of societal norms and indoctrination. I will bring peace on earth by having everyone confused. Not knowing whether you're a boy or girl. Gender doesn't really matter... Now it's time we have some FUN!

I am a mindful creator of my own existence and I believe desire to be my birthright. I am here to see the plans of evil are activated in this time-space continuum. A sensualist through and through, I invoke rituals as a way of life, allowing myself to be inspired by my experience. I shape the world as I see fit, and you are lucky to be a witness to my Glory!

| I'm a little creepy and a little strange | Will hex and curse you if you steal from my page | I'm obsessed with skulls and death | In love with the Silver Surfer | Chaos Witch |

After each interaction with the Goddess, leave a star rating and words if you're so inspired. I'll send demons to you if you don't.