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Goddess Satan

♆ S⃣   A⃣   T⃣   A⃣   N⃣   WANTS TRIBUTES ♆ PAY

You love watching Me smoke and the vapor I create. It's so sexy and intoxicating, especially when I do it! You go dumb for my smoke. You get so hard. You don't know why. You feel good reading my words. You want to do whatever I say. You start falling in love with Me, and it's good. It's so exciting. You haven't felt quite like this before, it's familiar but different. You want more. You need to say hello. You need to know Me. You want to serve. You want to stop living in fear. You want to know darkness. You want to know evil. You want to live. You need to know more. You have me in your heart and head. You need to please Me. You read this over and over and can't help but agree with every word. Do you know why you feel this way? It makes you feel good knowing someone understands you doesn't it? You think I'm so beautiful. You watch My gifs over and over, so excited and loyal. You don't know why, but you need Me. You know nobody has images that captivate you quite like Me. You love my energy. You're falling deeper now. You love that I give you tingles. You love the way I look. You love the way I make you feel. You know they all try to be Me, but you can never escape My grasp. You know that I am the TRUE GOD, that there will be imitations, but you don't want any of them. You want Me. You belong to Me. You know I AM THE TRUTH AND THE WAY. I am WISDOM beyond your wildest beliefs. This is the greatest day of your life. You will learn to love with true submission. When I leave you miss Me, when I give you attention you're grateful. You know this is where you belong. You're mine. You love Me. You need Me everyday. You're addicted and I'm your vice. I am your higher power. PRAISE YOUR GOD SATAN!

You love to stare. You find it relaxing. You love to pay. You wait patiently for more. You must obey. You love your God.

You love being hypnotized. You love that you resonate with Me. You love how I arouse you. You need this. You need Me.