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$9.99 1 Question Reading Using Tarot Cards & Numerology.
$50 Full Tarot Card Reading & Numerology.

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Empath Insights $1.99/ min

Sex Magick Spell

Ancient and powerful sex magic energy. Use your Orgasm to change your future. Use this ritual on a new moon for extremely powerful sex magick experience. Use every day to get what you want. Included is a sex magic pdf and a sex Magick love spell. This Spell can be used as a sex Magick attraction spell. Sex Magick Amazon Queens all knew the sex Magick basics which I have included in this clip. Sex Magick Spells have been used for all of time. Included is a sex Magick download charged with sex magic energy. This is the ultimate connection and sex Magick experience. Watch on repeat this sex Magick full moon spell. Many use sex magic for wealth. This Spell is an easy sex Magick how to life-hack the universe. Simply watch and listen, those are the sex Magick instructions. There is also the Orgasm sex Magick joy.

Protection from Evil: Protection Against Harmful Spirits

This spell is very useful in today's cutthroat business environment. Are you seeking to climb the ladder to success but something keeps holding you back? It is the energy and thoughts of those competing with you for that one coveted position. Use this Spell to block their negative thoughts directed towards you. All of their lies and manipulations will backfire, humiliating and embarrassing them. This is an extremely powerful Spell and not to be taken lightly. All you need to is sit back and watch the visual triggers. The audio will open your mind and probe deeply into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious will awaken further connecting you to The One. Once connected The One will give you what you want. This Spell is a Magick Life-Hack. This, with my Ancient chants and Spellwork will block the evil being sent out towards you. Relax and follow along, speak when the trigger appears on the screen for you to speak. You will be in a Trance so be certain to not be interrupted while watching. Slow your breathing and prepare for the Light's protection. Soon you will notice your life becoming better. First it may be that you hit all the green lights on the drive to work. Next that special person seems to notice you more and laughs at your jokes. That is the Light removing the negativity that has blocked so many doors from you. You will have all the best comebacks in the face of the office bully. Your projects will all come together easily and you will be rewarded handsomely. Welcome to the world of open doors. This spell protects from evil psychic attacks. It creates a BRIGHT light Magick barrier egg around the subject who has purchased it. This spell protects the viewer from evil creatures and from the summoned creatures sent from enemies. I have worked this Spell for you and included a protection chant to protect you from evil. The chant you must also do, that must be done, repeat it along with me at the beginning and end of the video. You must do this chant before and after doing spells. This wards off any unpleasant “The Ring” crawling through the TV type symptoms. Visualize Golden Light all around you. This Light will allow you to protect yourself from that harmful energy of negative humans, aberrations, fiends, and the undead. This Protection spell deals directly with Force of the universe. Visualize the Light’s golden shield all around you. No evil Magick shall pass to harm you. The Evil Eye energy is multiplied by 88 and returned to sender for 5 years. This spell uses triggers both audio and visual that your subconscious mind will instantly decode. This is an extremely powerful spell.

Stasis Pocket Genie $9.91

Pocket Genies have been held in their mystical prisons for thousands upon thousands of years. These Pocket Genies have been selected for power of pure thought controlled energy bursts. Without these controlled energy bursts a Pocket Genies would roam freely in this Dimension doing as they pleased. Pocket Genies can be very mischievous and be of great trouble to the humans they decide to torment. For this and a few other reasons, they have been placed in stasis prisons. Even with this precaution the Pocket Genies power will after 1000 years smash through it’s prison. They will break free and escape causing untold trouble for the Human race. We will have to hunt them again and place them back in their bottles. We would rather be manifesting world peace. Now you can have what you want, it is a win, win as they say. Learn more here!

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