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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

1/18-1/19 I will be getting a ring resized and will be visiting family so My ignore rules will be even more strict. If you call Me at night all you will hear will be My Princess Ass snoring. you will never be acknowledged in any way and I will take all of that money I'm owed for existing. So keep giving you cute cucks. The more money you give Me, the harder that tiny shrimpdick of yours is allowed to be.

So you've found yourself at this listing. Maybe you're too scared to talk to a pretty Domme like Me, or perhaps you're just a pathetic perv that gets off on being a fly on the wall. Or you're one of My paypigs ready to take that plunge and give Me even more of your money because you know that I'm worthy of it all and seeing your bank account get lower and lower is the only thing that makes that tiny dick get harder and harder.

Call Me now and listen to Me shower, talk with friends, watch movies, cook food, and generally have a better life than you. If you're truly lucky you might get Me when I'm playing with My pure pussy, and let's face it, letting Me drain your wallet while I finger Myself is the closest a cash cow like you is ever going to get to directly giving a Princess like Me an orgasm. I know that you need to be taken advantage of, and you're going to let Me rinse you because I can and I'm more powerful than you. you have no will and no willpower of your own. I control all of it. This is the easiest decision you'll ever have to make all week, giving Me all your money while you listen to Me fucking breathe, wanting so hard to be acknowledged and knowing that it won't happen.

Click Here to actually call My Domination line! I specialize in forced bisexuality fantasies, humiliation, raise the rate, cock teasing and orgasm denial and control, edging, pain, role play, as well as sensual and seductive domination.I also like to keep an open mind for different fetishes. Have a fetish I've never heard of before? It's ok. As long as it is within the Niteflirt fair play I will absolutely do what I can to work with your fetish. I love learning about the different things that get people off!

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Want to be worthy and drain yourself even more for Me? Of course you fucking do, you'll do anything to be considered worthy of acknowledgement for even five seconds. Buy me a gift off of my wishlist. ;*