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Erotically Mindblowing Hypnotist Housewife

Now, Imagine a woman...a wild seductress, unbridled enchantress, mystical muse. Imagine the Goddess herself before you, in all of her glory, reaching her hand out for you to take and lead you straight into an immortal ecstasy.

With her voice, she will make the most intense waves of pleasure to wash over you. Pleasure so profound that no mortal could possible understand. Such a rapturous climax she can command with mere words that you will be brought ot your knees, time and time again...only to beg her for more...and more . With her commands, you experience an otherworldy, profound, prolonged and exquisite orgasm no man has known before.

I am this woman. I am Melissa. And I will have you. I will take you to this place. Again and again.

In my professional practice as a hypnotist, I was wildly successful at helping people overcome anything from Addiction to Zuesaphobia. I gained much noteriaty as a public speaker and instructor, and most likely you have heard my name at some point. However, with this position came suffocating professional ethics and the ever watchful, severely scrutinizing public eye.

So then I tried marriage, but that left me unfufilled and lonely, craving even more to make known my true powers.

I knew that I was meant to do other things than this. My powers were destined to be used in the Erotic Arts. I knew I was meant to give the gift of a god-like climax. My real talent lay in transforming the mere mortal into pulsating, ORGASMIC GODS

Now, Imagine an orgasm that goes beyond just orgasmic. Imagine an experience, so deep, so prolonged and profound that your human mind simply cannot wrap itself around the very concept. You CAN'T imagine it! Not just yet. But you CAN experience it...with me.

With mere commands I can take you to another world, one that you will never wish to leave. And you will come back to me, again and again, to bring you there.

What I will do is put perform and induction on you. Whilst in a deep. hypnotic trance, I will embed words and commands, deep into the folds of your subconscious mind, so that when the words are said by me, you will be immediately engulfed in divine pleasure! I will bring you back out of hypnosis, and we shall engage in your wildest phantasy. I will lead you to the edge, to the brink, and then will command you to have an absolutely explosive climax, one that is so blissful that you cannot even comprehend it until I make you experience it.

And you will beg me to do it...again...and again...and again.

Your pleasure is mine.

I await your call.

Your Goddess,

Miss Melissa