Phone Sex

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I love sex. I especially love PHONE sex because our imaginations can tap into so many things and scenarios that might never be anything more than just fantasies, but we still have a place to explore them. I've been on niteflirt for a while, and as much enjoyment as I get from my other listings, I know that we can get deeper into those hidden corners of your mind. I know that you're holding out on me. I created this new listing because my curiousity is killing me.
I know you have a head full of secrets.
I also know that if you don't share them with someone it's going to drive you mad. These aren't secrets you can share with just anybody... but you can share them with me.
Share them with me and help me understand them. Teach me, use me. I want to hear about all the things the average girl can't handle, because I'm not the average girl, I'm better. Maybe by the end of our call we'll BOTH be sticky wet messes.