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FinDom For The Tribe Of The Stupid In Abundance

Karma Is A ****h!

Clicking This Text Takes You To My Financial Domination Ignoreline

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Hello there paypig ATMs,

Are you having a nice day, well pigs you are about to. When I first started this Financial Domination trip I refused to believe that you are actually stupid. Since then I have come to realize that you are and you are part of a Tribe. The Tribe Of The Stupid In Abundance I have begun beckoning you.

What many who seek to drain you do not understand is that there are millions upon millions of you. paypig ATMs, you have been receiving for a very long time financial rewards that you do not deserve. Deep down you know that fact and I know that fact. That is why you cannot resist Me for I know the Truths. There is no lying between us new fast F/friends. I am here to restore balance. At first I turned on My Ignoreline and laughed each time it rang. Now I realize that millions of you actually have the little balls to try to undeservingly speak with Me! That in it's self makes Me laugh full belly laughs and creates another lucrative FinDom game. Speak to Me My Court Jester paypig ATMs. I am going to grant you your wish…for a moderately high phone Financial Domination price of course. That is so fun. Anytime that you need to speak to Me, each time you ache to have Me deliciously drain phone Me and ring your bell.

Each time you pay Me a little bell on My computer announces that you are sizzling. I just laugh and laugh.. paypig ATM bells keep ringing all the live long day. Of course there is a high price for members of your Tribe to connect to Me. One day soon the price will be much higher and even you won’t be able to pay it. Connect to Me now. Tell Me How Stupid you Are.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Human ATMs

Money Slaves

Relinquishing Control Of Their Finances!

Erotic Humiliation

Financial Slavery

Coffee Is For Idiot slaves Only!
Now you Will Purchase ALL Of your IQ Lowering caffeine From Me!

Don't be jealous, W/we all get what W/we deserve...Remember it's Karma!

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