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✹ Strict Mistress for female slaves & faggot boys✹


Strict Bi-sexual Disciplinarian for female slaves and faggot bitches!


Let's cut through the chase and get to the point from the start so you don't get the wrong idea here.

This listing is for female slaves who are looking to be disciplined, trained, made use of and otherwise become submissive to a strict but fair Lady.

This listing is further more for faggot boys, gay male slaves, and even sissified bitches that understand their inferior place in front of me and "alpha" or "real" men.

I have ZERO interest in your cock for myself boys unless I am entertaining myself by teasing it while you are logged up in chastity, am indulging in my love for C.B.T. or am laughing at it's helpless drooling while you are being used as the cum dump for other men that you secretly or not so secretly desire to be. That's it! I am not one bit interested in you as my personal lover.

Let me say that again: YOU DO NOT QUALIFY for sticking your dick anywhere into me. The position of lover has already been filled.

Now what do you qualify for with me here:

For you males

Entertaining me with your desperate need for cocks!
Accepting your place as a sexually rejected by women bitch!
Amusing me while following my dildo or anal toy practice instructions!

Beguiling me with your tales of all those dirty filthy and deliciously nasty gay sex encounters of yours.

Debasing yourself verbally and physically before me as I talk about my delightful sessions with one of my male or female sex slaves.

Condition your mind to accept the fact that as far as you are concerned I may as well be your Lesbian Mistress because you'll never get to fuck me.

Learning to accept the fact that even my female slaves are superior to you in this realm.
I may give you to one as a reward if she pleased ME very well to use you as sex toy.

For the female slaves:

My female slaves are held to the highest of standards. I expect proper submissive attitude and behavior from you. You are NOT just sex toys and playthings for Me.
If all you want is to get fucked by someone, be called names, and have your tongue buried in another woman's snatch, go look somewhere else.

My female slaves are service slaves, task slaves, body servants, and highly skilled sexual playthings when and how I desire it.

I am an actual real life BDSM Mistress and when it comes to my females you will be treated as a slave not just a fantasy plaything.

I place you above those boys which means I expect you to become Goddesses on your knees for Me. If that is a term you don't understand yet, it will be explained to you.

Female slaves, by nature, require an entirely different type of conditioning and training then males .... and I expect MY female slaves to be aware of their femininity and beauty that they have been begifted with.

SUBMISSIVE to GODDESS but unless you deeply desire it NEVER Submissive to men.

There you go!

Goddess has spoken and laid it out nice and clear.

Look between your legs and into your hearts.

Are you are a male bitch or a female slave seeking my control.

Now you may approach me with the utmost respect.

Before I forget....


watch on SKYPE while Conditioning you.

I do NOT show Myself

You may request information on this via an email to me here.
You MUST be on the PHONE with Me during the entire time
while showing off to me on Cam.