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Your every dream and nightmare come true

Financial Dominatrix
Blackmail Queen
Sissy Trainer
Sadistic Bitch
Mind Control Goddess
Spoiled Brat

You know the legend of the Sirens? Beautiful but dangerous...exactly like me. Once you've heard my song, you're doomed because you'll be addicted to me, loser.

Do you want a beautiful bratty Princess? I got that shit on lock. Do you want a mysterious seductress? Honey, I do that shit in my sleep!

You crave this. You need me. And the more you Serve Me, the deeper you fall under my spell until you're so addicted you couldn't live without me. That's when you've been shipwrecked by this findom goddess you weakling. Your place is to Serve me, to make ME happy at all costs. And bitchtoy, I do mean ALL COSTS. This perfection doesn't come for free you pathetic wimp.

You can't handle your own money, I know what to do with it better than you do piggie, and I know how to control you in ways you didn't think possible. You're going to be mindfucked and manipulated by this sadistic Siren until you forget even your own name.

I laugh at how addicted you'll become, you'll do anything for me, my controlled obedient slavetoy pleasing this Siren in any way I dream up, because fucking up weak men and women like you is child's play for me. You truly are my plaything and bitchtoy, I'll play with you, toy with you, and then discard you without a single care because, at the end, you're just a loser junkie who can't get enough of my perfection.

You're never going to break free, once you're shipwrecked by this Siren, you're doomed for life. I am everything you dream of, everything you need, and everything you'll never get.

So give in loser, hear my song, get shipWRECKED with this dangerous bitchgoddess.