Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

A bit about meeee: I’m an 18-year-old English gal.
I'm a part time shop assistant in a hobby/craft store.
I spend half the time daydreaming until a customer startles.
I’m 5’2” and 110lbs. My hair is a weird mismatch of
different colours, but I’m naturally a dark brunette.
Currently, I’m reddish-gold.

I look like an emo/scene chick half the time because
I’m always in leather jackets and ripped jeans.
The bright pink hair I had for a while probably didn’t help.
Whatever man, I call it alternative.
Of course, I still wear bunny pyjamas at night. But shh –
it’s a secret. I’m a badass really.
I love reading – and waiting for a call gives me an excuse
to pick up a book. I’m reading Marked now, it’s awesome.

In my spare time, I love napping (yes, that’s a hobby)
and playing guitar. I’m very chatty and I make new friends easily.
I love meeting new people, and I love to talk so I think
this website is perfect for me.
I’m an aspiring journalist and I love photography too.
Creative writing is awesome and I even do a bit of erotica
here and there. It’s pretty weird.
I’m mixed race – if you get it right, you win a prize.
I don’t speak Arabic, unfortunately. I can do a pretty
spot-on accent though. Kind of.

I’m obsessed with knee-high socks, fishnets, tights and stockings.
I have a growing collection of them!

I love to play guitar. My acoustic goes with me wherever I go,
it’s the weirdest sidekick ever.
Hey, I can sing to you if you like!
Anyways, you should totally call me up if you fancy a conversation
with a cute college student. I promise that I’m fun to talk to.
I’m on here mostly after college hours, so you should come
and distract me from the coursework that I
was never going to do anyway.