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Madam Luscious

Beam Me Up - Probe Me – Experiment On Me

Beam Me Up

Any aliens out there looking to beam up and probe a mere mortal?

This human female is waiting to be beamed up

Probe me! Go ahead, take samples for your experiments. Listen to my cries of protest as you penetrate my orifices. Listen as my screams of horror turn to intense ecstasy as you do things to me no mortal man would be physically capable of. What kind of alien are you? Tentacle monster perhaps? Predator? Multi-cocked? Something that will make me scream in more ways than one? Or some giant, highly advanced insectoid? Perhaps you are some small, nasty parasitic type creature that wants to get inside me and eat me from the inside out. Oh call me and tell me! Or if you’d rather, I will tell you one of my hottest alien sex fantasies. I’ve always thought Predator was so sexy. All those fangs, so big and fierce, hideously ugly and yet so fascinating. Beauty and the beast, Sci-Fi style... imagine the possibilities!

Expand your mind. Stretch your fantasies. Have some fun!

Let’s bring your fantasies to life. I love to try new things and explore, so whatever your fantasies, however extreme or outrageous, bring them to me. Let me give them life.

Perhaps you would like for me to be the alien and you the human lower lifeform. My curiosity regarding your species may cause me to do some uncomfortable things to you. I will try not to scare you. When I open my mouth... what comes out... and what it will do to you... just imagine long slender tentacles licking at your balls and cock, dozens of tiny tongue-like tendrils tasting you all over, all at the same time. Nasty! And so hawt!

Intrigued? Call me and have an adventure!

This is a safe place for you to release your dreams, from the simplistic to the deepest and darkest hunger. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Let's share an adventure! I am your toy. Come play with me! I am waiting in anticipation for your call right now!