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Pretend You're in my Tantra School

Think you can't do it?

Can't imagine how you could do what I require?

Tantra sounds promising.

You're interested in what I teach.

But it just sounds too hard.

Fair enough. My answer:

Act as if.
Role play!

What's really wrong?

While you were reading my other listings and considering calling, what doubts about yourself went through your head?

Write them down. Right now.
Then talk back to each of them.

The man you are now says: {Fill in the blank}
The man you want to be responds: {Fill in the blank}

Fantasy is easy, right?

Fantasize that you are a liberated modern man who is exactly the person you want to be. Free of compulsions. Sexually liberated. Proud of who you are sexually. Ready for anything.

Let the role playing begin.

Fantasies are thoughts. Our thoughts do not control us. You can take charge of what goes through your head. (Okay, I can't resist: What goes through both your heads.)

Free to...

At worst, you realize how little you know about yourself.

At best, you start believing that you have:

* what it takes to move beyond the rut you're in.

* the courage and determination to change yourself.

* the ability to spend the rest of your life experiencing how wonderful sex can be.

You have the rest of today to masturbate a little differently than yesterday. Differently enough to think that maybe, just maybe, Kumarah is on to something big.

Pick your script. Make believe that:

You are not addicted to porn!

... or:

You do not have to masturbate so often that it interferes with the rest of your life!

... or:

Having sex in-person with a real woman is satisfying!

... or:

You are a sexual dynamo ready for anything!


I believe you can do it. If you decide to do something, you can pull it off. You can change what pleases you, what gets you off, what you think about while you touch yourself, and even how you cum.

I believe in you.

Do you believe in yourself?

No? Then read this listing again. And stop at the role playing part. And do it.

Just act as if for a minute. Then another minute. Then do it again.

It's just fantasy.

You are a master at fantasy, right?

You have figured out how to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on porn and phone sex.

Tonight, today, five minutes from now: Fantasize that you are everything it will take to live the life you want.

Not the life you're living now. The life you want. The life for which you long so deeply that you are ready to create it.

The end.

Good work! You played the role of you being you -- i.e. the You that you want to be.

Now, let it go.


You do not have to be that man today. I'm not asking you to be that man every moment of every day.

Just think about that man for the few minutes it takes to call me.

Then believe in yourself for the half hour or so of our introductory call.

Yep. That's all.

After that, see if the thought of undertaking my Tantra program seems more achievable.

Blessings to you in your life's journey,

Kumarah ("koo-MAW-ruh")
The Telephone Tantra Teacher