Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Part-time Sissies Apply Within

Ejaculation is not necessary for a man to orgasm.

Nor are you limited to just one climax.

It’s possible to orgasm over and over, and again, and again.

Even with a penis. Even as a sissy or part-time sub.

Not easy. Possible.

It takes one introductory call of about 40 minutes to get started. Then, you decide whether to commit to each of three subsequent phases, one phase at a time. Each phase requires a minimum of three long calls, more if I determine you need it.

Every man has a woman inside him.

In our fast-paced culture, aggressiveness and pack leaders are more valued than slow, thoughtful and considerate followers. Perhaps you long to be more feminine because you sense that there is more to being a man than macho behaviors and pursuits.

Just as masculinity is more than yelling and abusing, femininity is more than wearing pink and following orders.

Hating maleness is not the answer. Loving both the man and the woman in you is the answer. Neither is superior. Just different.

Invite the Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine calls to you. She yearns for more men to embody Her. In the last few decades many women and men have answered Her call in different ways, from the personal to the political to the spiritual. Here on Niteflirt many Flirts are available to help you explore this in tantalizing sexy ways.

But when we long for something, sometimes we go to extremes. If we are too much of one thing, we are tempted to become all of something else. All a woman, all the time. Or all a woman in your sexuality while acting the man in the rest of your life.

The Sacred Feminine does not exist without the Sacred Masculine. Each has a little of the other within. (That is the meaning of the dots inside the yin-yang symbol: ☯ In Taoism, yin is the energy of femininity and yang of masculinity.)

In their healthy aspects, the feminine calls to the masculine and encourages action. The masculine calls to the feminine and ignites inspiration.

Trying to be all of one or the other creates unhealthy imbalances.

Not convinced? Still want a woman to control you? Then Taoist Tantra is not for you. As my student you must take full responsibility for your sexual energy.

Honor both the feminine and masculine

I require you to take charge in a manner that you might think contradict your desire to become more feminine. It doesn’t.

You don’t have to be submissive or a sissy 100% of the time to explore femininity.

Gender identity, sexual orientation and gender expression are not relevant when learning Tantra. Dress like a woman, suck cock, follow orders – AND take charge of your life.

I will teach you, not dominate you. You must take responsibility for yourself whenever you communicate with me. You must take full charge of your sexual energy when on the phone with me, and temporarily leave behind your submissive and/or sissy ways for the duration of the call.

Can you handle that? I think so. Most submissives and sissies can.

It's fine to pretend that someone else controls you. But every human has free will. Subs simply use that free will to choose to be dominated. You permit yourself to submit and decide when to start and stop.

Your Domme is Your Boss. I am Your Teacher.

In the meantime, keep playing with your domme, goddess or other kinky playmates. Develop the weak aspects of your femininity. Explore your submissiveness. Cut back on the domineering aspects of being a man.

Do whatever you wish with other Flirts. But while on the phone with me, take charge of yourself and your sexual energy. No sub behavior, domme names or sissy games while working with me.


Accept and respect my Covenant, and I will teach you to cum like a woman. After completing the three phases of my curriculum you will have:

* Mind-boggling orgasms.
* Balanced sexual energy.
* Pleasure more fulfilling than just jerking off.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. However, it is too good to achieve easily. It takes work.

Each of the three phases requires a few calls. They build on each other. You maximize your investment by practicing in between calls.

Do not tribute me before your first call, in which we review the program and do an introductory lesson. Afterwards, if you decide that you want to commit to at least the first phase, you make a significant tribute to signal that you will respect the Covenant and are ready for serious study.

I will consider accepting you as a student if you are a biological man...

… with a dick you want to learn to control instead of pretending you don’t have one.

… willing and ready to take charge of your sexual energy at least part of the time.

… of any gender identity or expression.

… who wants to play around at being a sissy or a sub, but who also wants to be a great lover at home with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend.

… who loves to cross dress but who also wants to discover ancient secrets about male sexuality.

Interested? See what is required to receive Tantric training. You are welcome to call now, but reading this will save you money on your first call because I won't have to explain the program.

Learn to cum like a woman -- without ejaculating!

A real psychic.
A real Tantrica.
A real person.