Phone Sex

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It's a pretty day here in Tampa.

I am lounging on my balcony in my newest silk hot pink robe draped over my vulnerability… sipping on a fresh glass of wine while waiting for my cock fix of the day. I hope I can finish this before he arrives. Hello! My name is Karen. And no it's not my husband that I am anticipating. (I got rid of him a while ago.) Now it is just me and ...them. I know you are wondering who ‘them’ are. Well, it depends on the day. This’s all I can share with you…for now. Their cocks vary in size and girth… Some are dominant...some are not... They are all addicted to me in some way form or fashion… And they all play their role... Oh yea, and they all think they are the only one...except my cuckholds. They know pretty damn well they could never be the only anything! I am always looking to add variety to my collection...That variety includes both balls sacs and swollen cunts.

Yep, you guessed it; I have a bit of a slutty side.

I can also be, I guess I can be called Sensual Slut. So, would you like to be added? Would you like to join Karen’s World of hot connections and heavy orgasms? That can be arranged. All it takes is a conversation; lengthy ones are my preference. There is no need to rush something that feels amazing right? That is just one of the many things my ex did wrong…in too much of a hurry. Never taking the time to listen to me when I said things like “Let’s go to the swingers club” or “Let’s watch this orgy porn.” All he wanted was what stoked his ego...All I wanted was to stoke his best friend’s ego…behind his back (that’s a story for the phone. It gets juicy!) Well, I just got a text. He is 7 minutes away, and I got to make sure everything is ready for him. Can't wait to tell him what I am up to here. Can't wait to tell him that I am setting up a profile for hot kinky phone sex. The Phone Sex thing may surprise him, but the "kinky" part...well...let’s just say he is used to that. It’s time that you get used to it too! I look forward to meeting my new addition...and you meeting your new addiction.- Sensual Slut Karen