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The Evil Queen

Wicked, Devious, Manipulatrix ~ Be My Weakling

To the type of man who doesn't delude himself in who he is, who knows his inadequacy, who jerks off chronically, alone at home, thinking about how women will never want him (and rightfully so), it's your lucky day.

I'm calculated, manipulative, wicked, a temptress in disguise, and most importantly, I'm here to make you come to terms with your place in life, to treat you like the plaything you are, show you where you fall beneath me and how you can be treated as my property, my weakling, my entertainment to laugh at then discard when I'm done with you.

Being the Evil Queen that I am, there's nothing better to me than the sound of a weakling's voice, pathetic and humiliated, as I force him to hump his hand and confess to me what a useless loser he is, knowing that he's too weak to resist my control over him.

So whether you're a chronic hand-humper, a small penis disappointment, a beta male loser, or -most likely- all of the above, I'm sure you'll be of some use for my insatiable appetite of toying with weak men.

HRH, The Evil Queen, Valerie.

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