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Bossy Blonde Weight Loss Coach

I am flawlessly fit, a foxy flexible fantasy, as toned as I am made tough by My training routine. My daily minimums are what most are dreaming of turning into their daily maximum. My chiseled calves and quads and glorious booty were carved from hours of plies, lunges, lifts and squats. My sexy, sinewy arms and shoulders strengthened by My yoga practice and martial arts training. My taut abs and tiny waist are pounded solid as steel by My relentless abwork and look best with sand between My toes, bikini optional. I eat pure and clean vegan diet consisting of locally farm-grown fruits and vegetables, grains and beans. I radiate a natural, healthy glow because I give My body the nourishment it requires. You are lazy and you need a woman like Me to set you straight. You're not qualified to please a woman nor take care of yourself which has led you towards the road to the fat ranch. You are incapable of succeeding on your own because you don't have what and takes and you only get that from Me. Your eat like the PIG you are and you make me sick. Garbage produces garbage, its nor a big mystery as to why you're such a worthless pile of trash. My training routines produce results. You will have to work hard for me even when your cock is rock hard because you want to press your face into my luscious breasts while I make you do push-ups. You'll have to tie your little pin dick down when I present my yoga flow to you while my tight black yoga pants caress my bum and start to ride dangerously close up towards my cl....