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NOW SEEKING: Money Slaves and Pay Pigs (BEFORE YOU CALL US PLEASE NOTE WE ARE REAL LIFE FINANCIAL DOMME'S! WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SOME WANT TO BE LOSER, THAT'S TOO SCARED TO LET SOMEONE HAVE CONTROL) WE ARE Spoiled Financial Domme's Seeking Pay Pigs and Money Slaves.We are a demanding spoiled Mistress and Goddess and you are a weak begging wallet. We demand complete control. There are two ways we do it that we feel are true financial domination. The first is to know everything about our pet – how much he makes, how much he spends and what he spends it on. We do a budget for him that he must follow exactly. We make sure his bills are paid first. We will not make you live on rice and ramen noodles unless it is your choice.We prefer my Pay Pigs to be healthy so they can work really hard to give me what we truly deserve. We cut his "extras" spending to a quarter. After that we look at the balance of the earnings and half goes into savings for him and half comes to me. He reports to me via email daily, details any purchases and makes requests for savings withdrawals.We control all of his spending. His job is to work hard and please us. Making us happy is his only goal in life. We are very self centered and we love living the good life. Both of our worlds will now revolve around me. We get so much pleasure from controlling your bank accounts and credit cards. Large Tributes makes us wet and that vacation we are taking next month, you're paying for it. We are happy and you should be pleased with yourself! My little pets treat me to the finer things we crave.. We are sorry if all you get in return is humiliation, abuse and degradation. You are nothing without us. We do prefer an already trained wallet but if you are new to this you need to be willing to do as WE say, WHEN WE SAY !