Phone Sex

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Cash Princess Miko


"Hello? Ugh, not you again..."

Oh great, another dirty old man trying to get my attention. It's hard out here for a pretty little teen, but little do these old geezers know, I'm a commodity they can barely afford~

Wassup, the name's Miko~ But you already knew that didn't ya? Fuckin' creeper~
I dunno when these old dudes started checkin me out, but from all the cash bein' shoved at me and calls at all hours of the night while they jerk their wrinkly dicks off, I can't seem to catch a break! They all pester me and talk about their junk to feel young again, I can even hear them jerkin' it faster when I tell them just how pathetic they are, listenin' to a tiny teen boss them around and beggin' to be allowed to jizz all over themselves. I guess they all just want me so bad...
And so do you huh?

P U N K Y - L I L - M I L L E N N I A L

Mmk. First things first, if you're gonna be bothering me all the damn time then understand that I don't give a flyin fuck what you think of me.

Yeah I talk back to my mom, I stay up all night playing video games, cuss a lot, and I wear shit too short for me.

So imma BRAT and proud of it, so what? You're the one who can't stay away, so who's really got the problems, hm?
I aint afraid to put a grown ass man in his place either, so you better get that through your thick skull quick buddy. I'm greedy, loud-mouthed, and dangerous... But you found that out a little too late~ When I want something, I get it. Games, money, attention, whatever my black little heart desires, bitch.
By the way? Sometimes I get a little pissy, so guess who's gonna take it? That's right~ You. You may not be good for much, but someone as pitiful as you HAS to be a good ass punching bag~ Better be ready bitch, cause I don't take it easy on nobody.
And yet...I know you'll call me again~

M A K E - M I K O - H A P P Y

Why $10? Because I want it stupid, OBVIOUSLY.

$20 for that new makeup bitches~

$30 for my video games losers!!

$40 for new shoes! All the better to stomp you with~