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Submissive Laura

Rent me per minute to be your slave

(Classy dominant men: those are the men I crave to serve.)

Hi, my name is Laura and I am an authentically submissive female. I was raised to be a "good little girl" by very severe and strict parents. I was never really allowed to assume my own independent identity and was always focused on pleasing my parents and focusing on their demands. As a result, I often end up in relationships in which I am focused on my partner's needs instead of my own. I am just hardwired to serve dominant men and women. My first boyfriend was very rough with me and often smacked my face and berated me in front of his friends. For some reason I grew to like this, because at least I got a lot of attention. Whenever I was "bad" (not paying enough attention to him), he put me over his knees and gave me a spanking with my hairbrush. Afterward he made me kiss it. And then kiss and suck his cock. He fucked me very hard in the mouth and laughed when I gagged and choked on it. He even got drunk and invited a couple of his friends over, first to watch but then to fuck every hole in my body while he jerked off in my face. I was ashamed. But even more ashamed to admit to myself that I liked it and craved this kind of abuse. That's why I kept returning to his motorcycle club to be abused by him and his buddies. And that's why I am here now. I earn money for him to spend on other girls. And I like it. Because I know that I am worthless. I am beautiful and desired by many men and women, but I know that I am just here to be a lowly slave for alpha men and women. That's why I am begging you to call me now and to abuse me in any way you like. If I don't get enough calls each day, he spanks me with his riding crop and fucks my ass with an extra-large dildo, which really hurts. Please help me to get my daily quota of calls. Otherwise he will bruise my ass with black and blues and make me sleep in the yard, in the dog house, with a collar around my neck. My name is Submissive Laura and you can rent me per minute to be your slave, too. Thank you for abusing me. I will make your cock squirt when you call, I promise. And I will do what you tell me. I am your submissive bottom bitch, your robot, your toy, your pet. The more you abuse me the happier I will be.