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TEEN Princess Feet - Sniff*Lick*Worship

Look at these gorgeous, perfectly pedicured, Princess Feet! Just stroke your little cock and be hypnotized by my cute, squishy toes, painted bright cherry red. I LOVE teasing foot sluts like you, swinging my bare feet in front of you and wiggling my mouthwatering toes, beckoning you to drop to your knees and worship. My naked feet will make you melt like butter, giving me full control over you. Your only purpose is to worship and serve my beautiful, succulent, teenage feet.

Watch me un-cross and then cross my legs again, letting my high heel dangle off the end of my big toe, teasing you with glimpses of my sexy arches. I know your mouth is already watering at the thought of being in the presence of my perfect size 7 feet. I relish your helplessness and humiliation as I swing my peep toe pump back and forth like a pendulum, bending you to my will. You are so weak and pathetic, I could get you to do ANYTHING, couldn’t I little foot slave?
Careful, my feet are extremely addictive, and you’re already becoming obsessed, aren’t you? You’re already feeling compelled to commit yourself to serving my Teen Princess Feet – paying for pedicures, buying new shoes – anything for these sensual, impeccably pedicured toes and soft, wrinkly soles. What would you give to lick them clean after I got back from a morning run? Can you imagine how weak you would be, bathing every inch of my sweaty feet with your worthless tongue?

I am extremely accepting of all types of foot and shoe related fetishes. Whether you would rather worship my gorgeous feet or my smelly old Converse tennis shoes, I understand exactly what a little foot/shoe sub like you needs. We both know that your place is at my feet, looking up at me with adoration and awe.
I know how to use my Teenage Princess Feet to make you twitch.