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Miss Cameron

Financial Submission and Conditioning

-Received 6 Rising Star NF Awards and 5 Top Performer Awards-


I DO NOT PARTAKE IN SESSIONS THROUGH MAIL UNLESS YOU TRIBUTE FIRST. Tributes must be APPROPRIATE - $5 isn't going to cut it. Over $10 is usually the best way to get my attention. Otherwise, do not send me messages that aren't legitimate questions about my services and expect me to respond to them. You're not getting anything from me without paying for it.

This is a new listing, but I am by no means new to Niteflirt or Financial Domination.

You never realized just how much you needed to please me until now. Just reading my words on this listing isn’t enough for you – you’ll be reaching for your phone before you even finish. I suggest you do finish, however, for I don’t like my time wasted, and I won’t hesitate to put you in your place if you act out.

You’ve had a long, hard week at work. Your exhaustion is written on your face as you walk through the door. What makes it worth it is that paycheck in your hand; you have an addiction, one that won’t give you the time of day without it. No sooner than the door closes, you’re on your knees in front of me, handing me the envelope that contains that prize you worked so hard for this week. You go through all of that hard work for me – and me alone. I let you pay your bills, I let you eat, but your frivolity in life is ensuring that I live comfortably and with very little to want for. I reward you here and there in return, but this arrangement is about me, and your desire to please me.

You know you should stop being such a fucking idiot, but you’re just too addicted to care. That pathetic little pin between your legs doesn’t let you think for yourself, anyway. You watch me recline on the couch with your credit card and my laptop, and you nearly cum in your pants every damn time. You aren’t worthy of controlling your own money – you aren’t worthy of independence. So you keep giving me your paycheck like the pathetic little slave you are, and I take it every time, because I deserve it.

Sound appealing? I bet you’ve had fantasies like this before. Many of them. I’m here to help you fulfill your fantasies, and to reach right inside of that wallet of yours and take what I want from it. I do explore many sides of the Findom lifestyle, so don’t think that I only do rinsing sessions – I like to incorporate teaching you to manage your money into arrangements as well. Either way, no matter what path we are set on, you hand over your money to me because you enjoy doing so.


Be prepared for a 15 minute introductory call, and budget accordingly. Remember that you are calling a FINANCIAL DOMINATION LINE – if you’re surprised or refusing to offer up any kind of fee I command of you on the phone, then I won’t consider you to be taking any of this seriously. You will not be able to contact me again if you’re resistant. Financial Domination sessions vary, but you must be prepared for at least 15 minutes (30 minutes for first time callers). Budget accordingly. I do not like waiting for slaves to reload their accounts when all of their attention should be on me and their slowly draining wallet/credit card.


Perfection isn’t free. Hasn’t anyone told you that you’re required to pamper perfection? My voice is the only one you crave, and you’ll never get enough of me once you’ve taken your first taste. You’ll be on your knees at my feet – begging for me to show you more attention, let you worship me, to please let you spoil me. I’ll take your money – I can do better things with it than you ever could, anyway.

Do you have an addiction? Are you pouring money out on girls that just don’t understand? Little girls that don’t understand the real importance of Findom? I am a mature Findom with a Bachelor, working on my second one. I’m very articulate, I pay very close attention, and I protect my submissives. If you submit to me, there’s so much I can do for you. I can feed that craving for attention from a beautiful woman that wants nothing more than to own you.

Warning: I am addictive, and I am an expert at doing whatever it takes to get what I want. You aren’t prepared for what I can do to you.


The Ideal Submissive:
-You have a true desire for submission – not an underlying habit of trying to top from the bottom.
-Looking for a Mistress to spoil because she deserves it.
-Well enough off that I’m not going to hear about how spending your money on me forced you to skip meals and/or bills.
-Will tribute for no reason at all, even when my line is off.
-PLEASANT ATTITUDE. No negativity.
-Looking for a long-term arrangement with a Findomme.

Willing to Entertain:
-Newbies who still need some experimentation to decide whether Findom is their forte.
-Experienced finsubs looking for a session just to enjoy their night.

Do Not Contact If:
-You’re going to be rude, egotistical, or attempt to dominate me. I have no issue with blocking a caller that hasn’t fully read the rules and thinks they are going to get away with doing these things.
-You’re going to start complaining about money, how much you’re spending, etc. This is FINANCIAL DOMINATION. It isn’t free, and it isn’t cheap.
-You’re looking to get off. I owe you NOTHING. And if I find out you’re touching that pathetic dick of yours, I WILL hang up on you, and I WILL make sure you can’t contact me again. If I decide to offer you something in return for being a good little pet, it will be on MY time and MY decision.
-You’re intimidated by dominance, confidence, and someone else setting the rules. Chances are, I’ll only scare the hell out of you and make it a bad experience.
-You treat this as a dating service. “How old are you?” “What do you look like?” “Where do you live?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” All of these are none of your business. I don’t mind answering the age question, but not when it’s the first question and clearly coming up on an attempt to ‘pick me up.’



This is an extreme level of Financial Domination. Training lasts anywhere between 14 and 30 days – this depends on you and your ability to cooperate. Every week, you have a designated tribute. It is not the only money you will be spending. You are being conditioned into my personal finsub, and I am not a low maintenance woman. Random tributes, gifts, long phone calls, games, and more will be expected from you.

Buy in for Financial Domination Training is $350. If you decide you want out, your buy out fee is $700. This is a very serious training program, and I will not tolerate you wasting my time. Or your money.



7 Day Humiliation Tasks:

Foot Worship (Pictures):

Pay Your Dues:

Daily Coffee Fix: $5
Dinner: $30
Dinner/Movie/Drinks: $60
France Fund (Fashion Week 2018): $150
Moving Fund: $200


General tributes may also be sent using the tribute button. If you’re going to send a general tribute, make it good – this tells me exactly what you’re capable of. The higher, the better.


Disclaimer: I am a LIFESTYLE Mistress, meaning I’m not some newbie that takes advantage of you for all the wrong reasons. I make sure my submissives are SAFE. If you’re looking for a girl to drain you completely until you can’t pay bills or eat, or support your family, then look elsewhere. I don’t have any intention to put you on the street, take your child’s college fund, etc. The money you spend on me must come from a source that you can AFFORD. Financial Ruination is fun, and I do practice it, but I’m not starving you to ensure leisure for myself.