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Worship a Goddess on Earth, If You're Worthy!

I'm a curvaceous and completely perverted Goddess from the depths of your darkest dreams, and your worst nightmare lest you disobey me! I love to punish men to no end, and tease them with all of my shoes, toys, and clothes! A dark, devious mind bringing you pain and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! If you even dare to try and impress me, I might give you a reward. A gothic Princess just waiting to have my boots cleaned by the right lucky dog and drain all your finances.

I am a REAL LIFE Goddess and Mistress, I can give you the dominance and ownership you crave from a strong, independent, gorgeous young woman. There is literally no better choice than a strong legged woman, with a wicked collection of shoes, and a killer back swing.

I love to show off my body, but you will NEVER see this Goddess naked, or touch this body! You are not worthy, no man is, and you never will be. If you even ask about seeing me nude, or discussing having sex with me, or anything that violates the rules of Niteflirt, I will ban you from speaking to me, lest you pay a steep price to return to my good graces!

I love to dress men up in women's clothing and makeup like pretty dolls, and humiliate them and make them my little slaves. I also love spanking, bondage, human atms, foot fetish slaves, shoes, using men as furniture, making men pay my bills, being spoiled, teasing, pet play, and so much more. I live to use you to fulfill our wildest and most lecherous fantasies. I am always open to trying new fetishes, as long as they do not violate the rules of Niteflirt, or my own personal rules regarding nudity and sex.