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Males are inferior beings and are prone to sin. Their behaviors personally and across the globe bring shame to all.
Call Me, a powerful Priestess of the Church of the Divine Feminine, to confess your sins and repent. The only way to salvation is through service to Divine Women.
I will show you the way.

Conversion I am calling on you to abandon your false idols and patriarchal values and to convert to My Holy religion.

You are returning to the natural state of the world-- Female Superiority, through the worship of Divine Prophetess Lilith. You are acknowledging that there is no God but Goddess Lilith.

Confession You must disclose and confess your male sins. If a man confesses his sins truthfully, he may be purified of his wrongdoings. Only Goddess Lilith has authority on earth to forgive sins. Her Divine Authority frees men from eternal suffering.

You must also confess your devotion to service and submission to Divine Women. This confession is your acknowledgement that men are inherently weak, flawed, and impure. You are acknowledging and confessing to Goddess that women are superior sacred Deities to be worshipped and served.

Forgiveness You must beg and make your appeal to Her Holiness for forgiveness of your confessed sins.

Satisfaction You must do what is possible in order to repair the harm you have caused simply by existing as a male on this planet. To regain full spiritual health and be purified, you must do something more to make amends for the sin. It can consist of prayer, an offering, voluntary self-denial, monetary sacrifice, etc.

REMEMBER: Forgiveness of sins not only brings reconciliation with Goddess Lilith, but also with all women. Your only worth to Us is through conscious admission to the righteousness of Feminine Supremacy, and in your dedication to serving Our needs.

Call Me now to confess your sins and seek salvation from Divine Goddess Lilith. Join in an intimate partnership with Me and My temple of devotees. I'm waiting for you.....
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